Ten Years

This Sunday marks our 10th year since we began working here at Lake Shore Dr. As we start our 11th year with you many things come to mind. When we moved here in July of 2008, our kids were four years old. This year they will both be starting high-school. Several adults here have been and continue to be strong, positive and encouraging influences on them. For that, Kim and I are eternally grateful. I believe that it’s important for kids/teens to have good role models from adults in addition to their parents. We certainly have that here. I’m not going to name anyone for fear of leaving someone out, but you know who you are. Your positive presence in the lives of my children are appreciated.

I am blessed to work with two men who are not only co-workers but also good friends. During those first years that I was here, Ernie and I would spend time most mornings just visiting. Our conversations would range from topics like things that were happening at Lake Shore, ministry, dealing with people, working with leadership, etc. But the one thing that I always appreciated was that our conversations would end with a prayer. With Ernie’s change in roles and schedule that doesn’t happen as frequently anymore, but I always enjoy it when it does. Bobby and I also have those conversations and prayers and I enjoy them just as much.

I also have been blessed by the elders that I have served and currently serve under. All the elders who hired me have since stepped down from that position but to those men who decided to hire me, I will always be thankful for the opportunity you gave me to serve here. For the men whose leadership I serve under now, I am grateful for your support, guidance, and encouragement. I look forward to continuing working together.

I am grateful to my wife and children for coming along with me on this ride. There have been ups and downs during the last twenty years, and sometimes we didn’t know exactly what to expect. Your love and support mean the world to me.

I am most grateful to God for the opportunity and calling to serve him in full-time ministry. I don’t know what he has planned, but I’m all in. Whose with me?


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