Don’t hold on to everything

If you’ve ever ventured into my office for some reason (many of you haven’t and I’m wondering why) you have seen the different things I have in here. Lots of items I’ve collected, books, post-it-notes, my filing cabinet, furniture, etc. I also have lots and lots of pictures of my family. On the bulletin board […]

You Can’t Change That

Well, summer is over. Some think “HOORAY!” While others think “BOOOO!” And still others think “It’s just another season change.” Whichever category you may fall into, we can’t do anything to stop the change of seasons.  There are other things that we cannot change: Time passing Your past Other people’s actions The day of the […]

When You’re Afraid

Fear. It’s a hot topic right now. It seems in our world today that there are many things and people to be afraid of. Groups like ISIS dominate the news right now as they are apparently committing horrible atrocities in the Middle East and many believe that they are planning an attack here in the […]

Courageous Request

The gospels of Matthew, Mark and John all record the story of Jesus walking on water. But Matthew records and incident that the others do not. In Matthew 14: 28-31, Peter says to Jesus, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” ESV I don’t know about you but […]