Job Description

Job descriptions give us an idea of what a company is looking for when they are hiring for a particular position. They help us understand the requirements and expectations. In Matthew 22:34-40, Jesus gives us (Christians) just that. We can sum up Jesus’ statement here with two things. First, love God. Second, love others. That’s our job description! By loving God, we’ll obey his commands which includes to love our neighbors.


So, how do we come to love God? How do you come to love anyone? The first thing is you have to get to know them. Luckily for us, we have a way to get to know God who by the way already knows us. We find in the pages of our Bibles all of the information about God that we need to know him. We find what makes him happy, angry, sad, how he feels about different situations, and his reactions to those situations. To get to know God, you must study your Bible. There’s no putting it under your pillow and hoping osmosis works, I tried that with Greek in college, it doesn’t work. No, you have to dig in and study the very thing he’s given us to know him. His Word. I don’t see how anyone can read the Bible and learn about God and not fall in love with him!


Then, because of that love for him, we do what he’s told us to do. We follow his commands. We obey. When we do that, we start to see our neighbors, those around us through God’s eyes. We begin to see just how lost this world is and why Jesus came to live as a man among his creation and die for us. And if we’re committed to following God, to loving him as the first commandment says then we start to love others like God loves us. When we start to love others like God then we have fulfilled the job description.


Jesus said in John 14:15 – “If you love me, keep my commands.” Do you love him? If so, let’s act like it and love others.

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