An unexpected lesson

Sometimes lessons come from the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. Please allow me to brag on someone for a minute. Last night as Kids Sing began, there was a little girl who is probably about four years old sitting on the front pew all by herself. She was visiting with her grandparents. The pew on the other side was filled with kids and the only other person on the same pew as her was Blake. I noticed Megan Gardner coming down the middle aisle headed for the front. When she reached the front one would have expected her to hang a right and sit with her friends. But instead, Megan turned left and walked all the way down to the end of the pew and sat down beside this little girl who had been sitting all alone. I watched as Megan looked at her and as they made eye contact she smiled at the girl. The girls face lit up as she smiled back at Megan. I don’t think any words were exchanged but I also don’t think any were needed.
What an amazing lesson Megan Gardner taught with that one simple act of turning left instead of right! How often do we see someone sitting alone in church who obviously doesn’t know anyone? How often are we guilty of cruising on by as we head to our “usual” seats? Sure, we may smile and say hello and might even stop and introduce ourselves. But, how often do we go that extra mile and sit down with a stranger who is in a strange place and at the very least give them some company?
Thank you Megan for the lesson. Thank you for your example for the rest of us!
Matthew 18:2-4 “He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” NIV

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