Jr. Camp 2015

To say that our camp session this year was a success would be an understatement! We went to a new facility in Brady and found the Heart of Texas Bible Camp to be just what we needed! The Sunset Ridge church of Christ there in Brady does an amazing job taking care of the camp and their commitment to that ministry shows in many ways.

We had 22 campers and 21 staff/counselors attend camp this year. Our numbers weren’t quite what we expected. We had ten campers decide not to come for one reason or another. We sent out flyers to churches from our “old” mailing list and new churches in the area around Brady. We have already set the dates for next year’s camp session; it will be June 19-23, 2016. This was my first year as director and it was a blast!

I have a group of special people I need to recognize for their incredible selflessness that was on display at our Jr. Camp: Kim Sheehy, Mellisa Christian, Katlyn Gardner, Jennifer Loe, Kayla Upchurch, Amorie Welch, Mandy Conner, Lexi Gardner, Denys King, Kristina Gardner, Jenny Hale, Kerry Williams, Vickie Loftin, Chris Conner, James King, Tim Loftin, Zane Christian, Wesley Williams, John Christian, and Matthew Hale. I think I named everyone. Without you camp would not have been the success that it was. More importantly, without God’s blessings camp wouldn’t have happened. I also want to thank our elders for their leadership and support for the camp. Thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart for serving the campers this year!

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