I want to be there.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a place that I dread more than the doctor’s office. That’s right, I’m going to the dentist! Why do we hate to go to the dentist so much? I don’t know all of the psychology behind it but I know that going to the dentist can cause a grown man to cry like a baby. No, I’m not talking about me but I’ve seen it happen. There’s just something in our psyche that gets some people all worked up. Their imagination gets the best of them and they imagine the worst. Some people treat worship kind of like the dentist. Except that instead of fear it’s a different kind of anticipation. It’s the anticipation of being bored, or not being welcomed, or feeling guilty because worship just reminds them how bad they are. Some people just don’t want to go. Why not? As for me, I love worship! I love the singing, the praying, the Bible study that happens and most of all I love being able to do it all for God. Are there times that I struggle to keep my attitude correct because of things that are going on? Are there times that I get distracted by something happening around me? Are there times that I feel like I am having trouble connecting with what’s going on? The answer to all of those is YES! The problem is not with God. Just like the problem people have with the dentist isn’t usually with the dentist. It’s usually more about something inside of us. It’s often a lack of preparation on our part, a lack of focus. I know the dentist analogy might be stretching it a bit but I have to get myself prepared to go. Even though getting my teeth cleaned is not a big ordeal, I still don’t like it. I have to get myself mentally ready to sit back in that chair and let someone poke sharp objects around in my mouth. We need to prepare ourselves not only mentally but spiritually for worship. We need to get ready to focus on God and to praise him for all that he’s done and will do. To share with our church family as we honor God together. To love him with all of our heart, soul and mind. It doesn’t just happen, it’s a choice. I hope you will make the choice to get together with the body of believers as often as you can. We are family after all.

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